Teaching girls to have the confidence to be brave not perfect

  We are educating our girls to be perfect rather than brave Girls from all over the world have been socialized to be perfect. They won't take risks or try challenges because they think that they may be ridiculed. If you are a girl, try to think of a time when you have chosen the

Learning HOW to learn not just WHAT to learn

Learning to Learn Most students have the experience of having information and concepts virtually thrown at them in the classroom, without ever being taught HOW to manage that learning. Learning how to learn is not a capacity we are just born with. It has to be explicitly taught. Students are rarely capable of learning to

Memory -Mental practise can be as effective as actual practise

Memory and practice The brain is a remarkable machine. This video explains how, for physical tasks, practice enhances memory even if you only use visualization. To create a memory of something you are studying, an action such as re-writing dot point notes by hand will form what people refer to as "muscle memory". This implies

How to get really really confident

Making Mistakes Most of us have a view that we are moderately good at many things. We become acutely embarrassed if we make unavoidable mistakes. This video describes the best way to avoid the fear of errors. It explains how to improve confidence. Basically, it works by letting go of your glued on sense of

Learning Difficulties Relating to ADHD

Paying attention to something is not easy is it? Especially if you have ADHD. It is because our attention is pulled in so many directions at a time and it is impressive if you can stay focused. Many people think that attention is all about what we are focusing on. But it’s also about what

Learning styles

Learning styles This two minute video about learning styles explores the fact that almost all learning requires a component of visual learning. As the saying goes, "a picture paints a thousand words". Many of us have experienced having a concept described verbally to us and not quite cottoned on.  Then we see a  picture explaining

How intelligent are you? Multiple Intelligences

How intelligent do you think you are? There are many aspects to intelligence. Many people have problems at school because they are not taught using the method which best matches their main types of intelligence. Most teachers will have pupils using "fidgets" in their classrooms. Reputedly helpful to people with ADHD, it seems many other students

Is creativity being killed by schools?

Do schools kill creativity Sir Ken Robinson is a world famous authority on education who says that the creativity our children are born with, is knocked out of them by the school system. His strong belief is that our whole education system is geared towards creating University graduates. Watch this fascinating and funny presentation by

Do you have Maths anxiety? Brave Heart tutoring can help

Maths anxiety See the fantastic video below on how to stop anxiety related to maths. Many people suffer from maths anxiety. Probably as many as 20% experience a level of stress which significantly reduces their performance. Having maths anxiety doesn't mean you are bad at maths. What happens is that the anxiety uses up working

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