Exercise and its effect on Learning

Exercise and learning In today’s society, there is extensive media coverage on being physically fit. Exercise impacts not just our outer appearance, but also the network of neurons within the brain and our learning capacity. The brain has been found to be very “plastic”. New neurones can form with repetition of the material to be

Replacing Self-esteem with Self-compassion

The problem with self-esteem Am I pretty enough? Our society has always thought that it is a wonderful thing to have high self-esteem. What is not generally commented on is the negative effect that comes into play, because assessing self-esteem involves making comparisons with others and this can lead to a degree of

Feedback from a Year 7 student with learning difficulties

Student feedback Some typical feed back from a student at Brave Heart Tutoring with learning difficulties, completing a final Questionnaire at the end of 10 lessons: Questions are rated 1-10 with 10 being to a Great Extent 1. To what extent has Brave Heart Tutoring (BHT) helped you with organisation? - 9 2. To what

Why the passion for tutoring?

The journey from teaching to tutoring I am a middle and senior years teacher and first became interested in tutoring whilst home with small children. Working one-on-one with students gave me fantastic insights into how students learn. I remember visiting a Year 12 student at his home. He had a long, narrow bedroom with jarrah

Anxiety? Is the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) so important?

With all the hype about getting the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) students need for entry into University courses, students who did not achieve their goal ATAR this week can often feel as if their self-worth is diminished and they can develop anxiety. They tend to draw broad conclusions and their mood can be deflated.

Curriculum changes caused by NAPLAN testing

Changes to the role of NAPLAN There has been a lot of concern from parents in Western Australia who believe that students now have to "pass" NAPLAN to gain entry to ATAR subjects in Year 11 and 12. According to the Schools Curriculum Standards Authority, this is not the case. If students don't achieve

Recognizing anxiety in children

  Recognising your child’s anxiety and what to do about it. Many parents are unaware of their child’s anxiety because it can be manifested as tantrums and defiant behaviour. Anxiety can be a serious problem interfering with your child's performance. If children are anxious, it makes it very difficult to learn. At Brave Heart Tutoring,

Bullying impacts severely on learning and self esteem

    Bullying interferes with learning and self esteem Bullying is very common and often invisible. Your child’s self esteem and learning may be being impacted negatively without you knowing about it. Or perhaps a friend of your child is being bullied and is too embarrassed to tell anyone. In tutoring a student who is

Low self esteem and how to help build it

Low self esteem My approach to helping students with low self esteem is to restore their self-belief. In the first session, I ask them on a scale of one to ten how much they believe in themselves, and then repeat this survey after ten lessons working on improving it, as we proceed with normal tutoring.

The Power of Yet – Intelligence can grow

  Is Intelligence fixed, or can it grow? Instead of giving students a Fail grade, Dr Carol Dweck suggests we should give them the grade Not Yet. This means students can have hope that they travelling on a road and getting smarter as they move along that road.This avoids the condemnation that failing an assessment

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