Penny McGlynn head tutor at Brave Heart Tutoring

Dr Penny McGlynn

  • Helped year 12 students achieve the top score in the State for a WACE course three years running.
  • Wide experience tutoring students of differing ages and abilities in core subjects such as Maths, Science and English.
  • Worked with students with diagnosed learning difficulties.
  • Helped students with anxiety or self esteem issues using evidence-based approaches.

Brave Heart Tutoring provides:

  •  Education in HOW to learn (this skill is not taught at schools). Assistance with study skills and learning strategies.
  • An ongoing Individualised Learning Program, tailored to your child’s needs, including learning difficulties.
  • Assistance in areas including work organisation, meeting deadlines.
  • Test and examination preparation.
  • Stress and anxiety management with evidence-based interventions
  • The confidence to turn disappointing results into opportunities to improve.

Students are challenged, extended and encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ to develop study skills that can be flexibly applied to future learning.

A Working with Children Check, Police Screening Certificate and Academic Records can be viewed on request.

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As an education professional, I believe that kindling a love of learning is the greatest form of success.  Learners who are confident to tackle a new topic, take risks and keep going in the face of set-backs achieve more. These skills are fundamental to lifelong learning and they’re the values that drive my vision for Brave Heart Tutoring.

You see, I’ve experienced both sides of the teaching and learning coin. As a learner I’ve studied for ten years at tertiary level, going from two Degrees to a Doctorate. As a teacher I have facilitated learning for students in a range of settings from Methodist Ladies College to Christchurch Grammar School.  I have also tutored many students privately. Regardless of the context, I have seen a commonality among the students who have been struggling; they haven’t been taught how to learn!

This remarkably simple statement has a profound impact on how students respond to education. It’s as if they’re offered  a gift but aren’t allowed to open it. They can see the shape of it, feel the size of it and know its significance, but are unable to unwrap it fully.

Imagine the frustration! No wonder students are feeling anxious, miserable and suffering from low self-esteem. But what really excites me is that it doesn’t have to be this way!

I established Brave Heart Tutoring to help students learn the skills and strategies they need to unwrap the gift of education.  Helping students of all abilities learn HOW to learn, improving their confidence, motivation, self-esteem and performance, Brave Heart Tutoring is changing lives.

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