Learning to Learn

How Brave Heart is different

Welcome to Brave Heart Learning. I am Dr Penny McGlynn and I have a PhD in Learning Strategies. The following is a summary of the key services offered through Brave heart Tutoring

Learning to Learn

Most students have the experience of having information and concepts virtually thrown at them in the classroom, without ever being taught how to manage that learning. Learning HOW to learn is not a capacity we are just born with. It has to be explicitly taught and needs to utilise the material embedded within a subject. This is rarely done in schools.

It is as though students have been given a learning assessment, they can see its shape and form, but are unable to go about solving it by them-selves. I give them the learning strategies, scaffolding, and the tools they need, so they can learn more easily and more deeply.

Learning with anxiety and low self-esteem

I also work with students who have anxiety and self esteem issues. Did you know that anxiety levels are rapidly increasing in our students? On-line bullying is wreaking havoc amongst our children.

Many students with anxiety issues find it difficult to learn because they are in ‘fight or flight” mode and their attention is not fully focused on what is being taught.  I use evidenced based interventions to assist in this area if the students or parents indicate that this would be helpful.

Learning with learning difficulties

Student with learning difficulties such as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, also respond very well to Brave Heart Tutoring. I have a lot of experience in this area.

The following quote provides a sense of the value of this service:

“The Brave Heart curriculum was the most important thing my daughter learned at school.”-This was written by a parent of a Year 11 student at Methodist Ladies College. See other parent and student opinions in the Testimonials section.

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Penny has a PhD in Learning Strategies and has worked in private schools in Perth over a 16 year period, and in a number of government schools. Her students are in primary, middle and senior schools who struggle with learning, and sometimes have difficulty forming friendships. Students of all ability levels are taught new ways to learn, leading to positive attitudes to learning and improved performance.

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